When You’re Ready, It’s Time To Make Your Decision And Pay Your Deposit.

How much will the two houses lease for, if you decide to do so? Will a duplex design side by side or a battle-ax one behind the other be more ideal for you? You may already have approved plans or may need a custom design from scratch, Glenvill have the flexibility to work with you rather than needing you to fit in with “a process” regardless of whether this is your first or one of many developments Glenvill have a solution for you. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, car spaces, and so on do you need?  Whether you want to knock down your old house and build two new ones, put two houses on a vacant block, or add a second building while leaving your existing house in place, Porter Davis can help to make all your home building dreams come true. Along with a standard CIA Housing Industry Association contract, you’ll also receive the working drawings for your new house. Will you be living in one of the new houses? Wouldn’t you prefer to be meeting with a design manager rather than a sales consultant! Dual occupancy offers a great opportunity for you to revamp your current home while also creating a second dwelling as a potential source of income. Will you be selling or renting one or both of the new houses? 

Questions To Ask On No-fuss Products Of Dual Occupancy Homes

Once your deposit is paid, we’ll carry out a soil test and site survey to assess the site-specific costs to build your new house. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, never fear – our dedicated Dual Oct specialist team can help you to answer all of these questions and any others you might have.  After a detailed discussion on your requirements for your new house, we’ll provide you with a quote that’s valid for thirty days. With only one block of land,  the total price of owning two incomes producing properties is reduced. Now it’s up to you to ensure that your new house fits your personality! If you’re knocking down your existing residence to build a dual occupancy development, there are a few extra issues that will need consideration before or during the process. Looking for a dual income investment property with great cash flow and high capital growth, but not sure who you can trust? We do all this to ensure your investing experience is not only a profitable one, but enjoyable as well. 7 great reasons to invest in dual income properties. When you’re ready, it’s time to make your decision and Feng Shui pay your deposit. This is to ensure that our boutique team of specialists exclusively offer you the very best service throughout your entire Dual Oct journey.